When I’m convinced that something is worth chasing after, I give every pound of my heart and every moment and every cent to pursuing it. The problem is that I’m easily convinced about what’s worth pursuing, so time after time I chase after this and that, and end up hurting myself, or neglecting others, or wasting precious life.

I’m tired of spending gobs of money believing that having this or that really equals happiness, but I do it again anyway. I’m tired of giving my heart away to girls so easily and chasing them all away, but I do it again anyway. I’m tired of chasing the wind. So tired.

I should chase hard after you. I was made for you. There is rest with you. There’s no one rock solid like you, so constantly making bad days better, making weak men stronger, making broken lives complete. No one can make worlds like you do. No one is so creative or kind like you are. No one deserves so much and gives so much as you. You are my best thought, Jesus. You always will be. Convince me again, and I’ll chase hard again. I’ll be happy and you’ll be praised.

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