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Don’t Let Me Forget

  While we are walkin’ and workin’ and worryin’ and playin’ and bloggin’ and sleepin’… we are always on a big warm rock, in a big, big, cold, dark room we call space, which is lit up by hundreds-of-atomic-bombs-per-second spherical … Continue reading

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Sleep and Exercise

I’ve been denying it all this time, but I’ve been wrong. They help. Tremendously.

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About Failure

Do we really expect ourselves never to fail? Do we honestly believe we will never give in to lust, never use a lie to escape from consequences, never perform less than what is required of us? I’ve done all three, … Continue reading

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The Last Five Weeks

-Early December, drove home to Miami and got treated like a king. -Family and I to the D.R. where the brother got married. LOVED his and Sabrina’s shining moment. I really enjoy the in-laws. The D.R. streets are chaotic and … Continue reading

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