2 Misconceptions and 2 Breakthroughs


Two common misconceptions I’m being freed from:

1. Humanism in suffering: I am the highest authority, the wisest, the one with the best judgment, so that when I’m facing this difficulty or when God doesn’t prevent situations like Boston, I can conclude that God is neglectful, or powerless, or dumb.

WRONG! Where were you when God made the planet? Were you his adviser when he made the seasons, or the stars, or the eco systems? Are your plans wiser than his? We need to get off the God chair.

Can we really make calls on what God is doing, and really call him evil just because he doesn’t do things like we do, when we don’t know all the facts? Take this for a fact: with historical events proving his deity, God made himself vulnerable to humans, walked with humans, healed and fed humans, exchanged his innocent life for the life of guilty humans. Jesus, clear as day, shows the kind of person God is, and the plans he is orchestrating.

2. (For Christians) – God cannot love me while I still have sin in my life. I have to remove this bad habit (and every bad habit) right now before I can feel I’m in God’s favor again.

WRONG. That makes no sense. That would mean God initially understands and allows imperfections when he first brings you to an understanding of him (the gospel), but then demands immediate perfection once you’re committed and trying to follow him. That would mean you start by grace but have to carry yourself the rest of the way. No. You still have sin in your life, and that’s normal, and Christ’s blood covers that. Christ died once for all, and now there is no more sacrificing for sin. You are a new creation, and he is working your old nature out of you over time. In the meantime, he is 100% for you during and after every grizzly sinful moment. In Christ, God is your DAD, not your dictator.

Think about Jesus and Peter. Peter becomes Jesus’ disciple. Along the way, Peter says he’ll never deny Jesus, but he denies AND abandons Jesus in Jesus’ hour of need. Then think of Jesus’ interaction with Peter at the shore, after Jesus’ return, when Peter had abandoned the disciple lifestyle and gone back to fishing. Jesus made Peter breakfast, and pointed him in the right direction in a loving way. Not fury, not hate or disgust–just love.

Praise God. I feel shackles dropping and my hands and feet being freed to love God and people, not out of fear or while ignoring facts, but doing so because it MAKES SENSE! 🙂 

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