The rest of my life

There is so much more in me than I am exploring. Inside me! There is musical talent, cinematic potential, friendships still on the surface, waiting to become great friendships; and outside, there are places to be lived in, foods to taste, love to be poured out, self-conquering to achieve, a God and all his treasures to be had. I’m settling for the shore when I could be diving deep into emerald waters of adventure.

Sleep earlier.

Get up earlier.

Put down the phone, apps, etc.

Pick up a good book and practice what you learn.

Look at people in the eye and look into them, and understand.

Invest in people. Give.


Live somewhere else.

Do something else.

Do violence against laziness, so your talent can turn into something amazing.

Do when you don’t feel like doing. There is gold at the other end of that doubt.

Reveal your true nature, and BASK in it.

Be still.

Be God’s.

Be God’s progeny spreading out through this world.

Be love, everywhere, in everything and everyone you touch.

Love recklessly.

Love without making distinction.

Create awful music and videos and dances and sentences.

Keep creating. It will become great.

Learn new languages.

Have a wide open perspective.

Live in another country.

Take risks.

Try harder.

Die trying.

Do NOT give up.

Don’t get stuck.

Take the fastest, most violent path to get un-stuck as soon as possible.

Grow financially and emotionally and spiritually and physically strong.

Make good habits.

Be fanatically diligent with good habits.




Stop looking at what you don’t have.

Stop being a slave to need.

Use what you have to make amazing things.

Use it all.

Leave it all on the dance floor–on this moment, on this chair, doing this thing.

Be passionate about living well.


You are loved.

You are free.

You are made pure.

So be it all and do it all.

Stop selling yourself short.

Invest in better things.

Invest in the best things.

There is life to be had.

Get it.

Get it.

Get it.

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