April 16, 2010: Chili 1101

Step 1: Acquire meat and veggies.

Step 2: Collect the cans.

Step 3: Set up shop.

Step 4: Take 5 seconds to stare at cool new crack–I mean crock pot.

The crock pot has knob-less offspring!

Looks like plenty of room for chili.

Step 5a: Wash stuff.

Step 5b: Wash it some more.

Step 6: Acquire shiny weapons.

Step 7a: Knife various objects on cutting board. Nice toes.

Step 7b: Dice and slice them into more digestible sizes.

The blunt-edged meat cleaver has many materia slots. (FFVII reference) :B

Step 8: Wash cans.

Step 9: Open cans.

Step 10: Aw, poor can…

Poor, poor cans!

Step 11: Slide veggies and meat into pot.

Step 12: Use (kind of) secret ingredients.

Step 13: Stir everything from Russia with love.

Step 14: Turn on crock pot on low. Let it cook for 6 hours.

Step 15: Wash stuff, thinking about chili!

March 20, 2010: Khloe

Say hi to Khloe, a Shepherd-Boxer mix. She’s pretty big for two years old.

Khloe is an explorer. She pounces on the grass to shake out all the little creatures from their homes. Then she eats them.

This is Khloe with a stick, in the back yard she’s turned into a wasteland. We put shutters up along the fence because she likes to explore the neighborhood a little too much.

The stick is actually a branch she gnawed off a tree. It’s about seven feet long.

She needs to drink water after her adventures.

“I eated a bug.”


2 Responses to iPhoto

  1. Sarah Jung says:

    is this ur blog? its cool & ur dogs scary but cute..its like my dog except(did i spell that right?) ur dog is almost 3 time bigger than mine! 😉

  2. Dadlius says:

    You’re making me hungry. Day 13 of a juice fast. 214.2 pounds this morning. Feeling great.

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